SEO Audit Report of GulfDealz – An Assignment

This is the SEO Audit Report of (an e-commerce website)
(Note: Report attached below blog post)

As part of assignment in an SEO course that I’m taking, I was given an assignment to do, by my teacher. The assignment needed to cover the points taught in the classes.

Using tools freely available, to develop an audit report that shows the weaknesses of an online shopping website based in Pakistan. The report also suggests possible fixes to improve the search ranking of the website.

I kind of like this audit report. The audit was done on my own (since I did not contact people from GulfDealz). The website was developed by QSoft. It is odd that they did not perform SEO while developing GulfDealz’s e-commerce website.

The important thing about this report is that it is an audit of a website, which is installed in place of another popular website previously known as The person behind the website was Mr. Abid Beli, (Update: He sold his website ‘beliscity’ in 2010) who I give credit for his unconventional thinking and his skills for gathering an audience, gaining their trust and selling his products to them.

I understand that some people might question that I am sharing an SEO audit report and this is hosted on a free wordpress domain. But I would like to emphasize that this was an assignment of a course that I was taking.

Here is the report: (SEO Audit Report of GulfDealz)