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Being an extra in the movies

Most people don’t know this but I have worked in a movie. I worked in the zombie movie by the name of ‘I am Legend’, starring Will Smith. This was one of the few horror movies where the mandatory minority does not die or, in this case, not till the very end.
You know when, during the movie, Will Smith says that 5.4 billion people died because of a virus. I was one those 5.4 billion people.

The producers initially filmed everyone, keeping 5 seconds for each death. That’s 5.4 billion people multiplied by 5 seconds which is 27 billion seconds. That amounts to somewhere upward of 856 years worth of footage. Then the editors  cut the footage to a line in a dialogue and reduced the movie to 100 minutes.

Being an extra is a tough and thankless job but someone has to do it.