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Happiness is…

The smell of books, holding lots of stationery items in both hands, the flood of memories at a get-together with childhood/school/college/uni friends, the look in the eyes of a human being or an animal you just helped, the sound of your loved one when he/she laughs without a care in the world, the feeling of finding some you thought you had lost, the feeling of finding someone you’ve waited all your life, the smell of freshly baked cookies, tea with biscuits, smiling like an idiot on something you have just read read or remembered, seeing the whole picture or solving a problem by connecting a few dots, fixing something by yourself on the first few tries, making people laugh, aiming and throwing something in the trash can/bin and getting lucky, the feel of a good calligraphy pen in your hand, a good handwriting day, admiring the possibilities held by a blank piece of paper, understanding a novel or a movie better while reading/watching it a second time, beginner’s luck, getting appreciated by your mentor, fulfilling a responsibility well, gaining respect and admiration by your peers, getting forgiveness, the smile of a child when she/he has learned something new and applied it.