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Anime Review : Monster (2004 – 2005)

Monster  is an anime of 74 episodes. If you’re planning to watch this anime then don’t.
There is no issue with the animation quality of the anime. The plot is intense and keeps you on the edge for many episodes.  However, in episodes 37 & 38, it turns to crap.
Don’t waste your time. Don’t be misled by the super positive reviews given on IMDb and other anime review sites. I watched it. The anime was doing great till episode 37 and 38.

I’ll tell you the reason why I started disliking this anime without spoiling it for you.
In episode 37, the main character (the hero) couldn’t pull the trigger at the villain (this villain, by the way, killed people that the protagonist knew and respected. This villain didn’t even leave kids, women, men and old people). And if this villain was not stopped (read killed), we are told, he will cause more destruction and more deaths.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely DO NOT condone violence in any form.

But this is an anime. Not real life. It is supposed to have a plot.
The hero takes training for 6 months to shoot. Builds his stamina by skipping ropes like a little girl and running through the forest. He goes from city to city, all over Germany, in search of this villain.
In episode 37, the hero has one chance to shoot.
In episode 38, he has two chances to shoot.
He suffers from some illogical internal dilemma and does not shoot. There is a girl who tries to shoot. He orders her not to shoot and she doesn’t shoot. Oh and the girl I just mentioned had also taken 5 or 6 months training (separately) and has been following ‘The Monster’ throughout Germany.

There are a few flaws in the anime in this episode (Episode # 38) that made me wish I didn’t watch it.
There is a library that is set to receive a huge donation of books from some important businessman and security is requested (vehemently) to be beefed up. The library is set on fire. And the doors are locked. Amazingly, there are no latches on the inside or the outside to open the doors (as you will see if you watch the episode, people who came to help couldn’t open from the outside and people stuck in the library couldn’t open it from the inside).

The fire was set by a woman who happened to be there in the library carrying a can filled with gasoline. Wow! There is no security outside the library. Because no one opens the door from the outside. Everyone is inside and the library is burning.

Now one would say, “Hey. Come on. The hero may not have wanted to shoot. May be he had a change of heart.” I understand if you think like that. But the guy (hero) does shoot another accomplice of the villain, first in the shoulder and then in the chest.

What was bad was not that the hero didn’t shoot the gun (he had a sniper rifle and a perfect shot). The problem was that the anime took us from one innocent’s death to another. And we were made to believe that this villain was a monster (if the name of the anime couldn’t be obvious enough). We were told during the anime that this villain was no ordinary bad guy. He had a messed up head. So anime logic implies that this bad guy would not be stopped by traditional means. Because he had evaded the police for 9-12 YEARS committing many murders. So now when the anime should have come to an end, the villain disappears into the smoke of fire in the library. Great!

But I knew the villain won’t be shot from the start. It’s obvious if you think about it. If the villain died in episode 38 what would they show from episode 39 to 74.
If there was something logical that caused the villain to escape then I would have appreciated the effort by the writer to have discussed this script with someone who could have pointed out the flaws.

This anime was a let down. They got us interested in this psychological thriller. And then they just made an episode to disappoint us.

I stopped watching the anime after finishing episode 38.
Some say this anime ends without any conclusion. So much for happy endings.