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Anime Review: Night Head Genesis (2006)

This anime has 24 episodes and I give it 3/10.
3 points for concept, quality (at the time), and super-powers used.
This anime loses points because of the crappy plot.
Again don’t be misled by generous reviews elsewhere like IMDb.
It’s a drag. It would have been better if it was reduced to 12 episodes.
It’s a case of too much bread and too little butter.
(Even putting a little girl, to add cuteness to the last 2 episodes, fails. What were they thinking?)

A bit of advice: Please turn your headphone’s/speaker’s volume a little lower than you usually set. This is because of the number of times ‘Naoya’ and ‘Niisan’ is yelled.
Be prepared to continuously hear a grown up (Naoya) cry like a child and faint throughout the episodes to convince his brother to win arguments and force his ‘Niisan’ to take action.

The whole anime is weak but I’m going to talk about 5 episodes in the end.

Episode 19:
Students die. Both the brothers just watch the students floating in the pool.
They don’t try to save them and perform CPR.

Episode 20:
Naoya can’t feel that ‘mind control’ is at play when his brother is shown scary visuals.
It’s also normal for the brothers to sit down with murderers and manipulators to have coffee and do chit-chat.

Remember X-Men First Class, near the end, where Charles Xavier was mind
controlling the former Nazi, Sebastian Shaw and Magneto was passing
a coin through his head. Xavier could have let Shaw go. But he
didn’t. He controlled his mind till the end and let him die.
And while doing that, Charles was screaming. I didn’t get that part too.

Episode 21:
It takes Naoya a whole day to come to the conclusion to save the girl.
They reach the house at night (even though no one told them where the girl lived)
Naoto could have punctured the wheel of the car, to stop the ‘Ark’ rep
from taking the girl. The girl is very important in the destruction of the
world. It seems the brothers somehow suffer amnesia at this critical moment
and forget this.

Episode 22:
Instead of taking his brother to a hospital, Naoya takes him back to the hotel
where they are staying. Naoto is not waking up and is probably in a coma.
Naoto gains the power of telepathy after he ‘dies’ (-_-).
Naoya gains the power of giving back life.

Episode 24: (Final episode)
This episode raises so many questions. This is typical when people
are quickly wrapping up an anime. There are bound to be loose ends.

–Naoto stops the scientist from telling the media that an earth quake will happen. He forces him to go back. But when there is a chance that a huge earth quake will happen and the scientist again decides to tell the city council, Naoto doesn’t stop him. Why?

–The mark on the map, made by the little girl in Russia, is over the water/sea
near Japan. But in the episode it shifts to a forest near a theme park. Why?

–When the scientist hurts his shoulder, Naoya heals him. But when his own brother passes out. He just takes him to a hotel (we don’t know how that happened) and waits for Naoto to wake up. Why?

–In the starting episodes, Naoto saved a woman from falling off a building in when she was thrown. But when the lights of the stage are falling on the good scientist, who saved millions of people, Naoto doesn’t save him. Why?

–The good scientist had 2 daughters. The elder daughter leaves her little sister (with complete strangers) to go to the research site on the hill after her father’s recent death. Why?

I don’t recommend this anime, but it is watchable.