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Fiverr: I’m joining this marketplace

Since Google announced (04-JUN-2013) that they awarded £100,000 to vInspired (a micro work/job site) , I find myself interested in this concept again. I like to visualize and I visualize many projects submitted and many rejected. I see (with my mind) some projects long-listed and then short-listed during this process.

The reason why vInspired won could be because it might have had something amazing to begin with and it passed through all those stages in the competition. Something that forced the judges (or fans) to think in favor of this project. I congratulate vInspired.

I have had an interest in micro-job sites. To me, they are the new market places of the world that has access to the internet. This interest began a few years ago, when I thought of so many self help gurus writing books and giving seminars, but most of them didn’t do anything in a profession. By profession, I mean a job, like we have.

This led me to this idea: What if we had a reality show where someone who lost everything,
all their financial stability, and then gained it, again, from scratch. But then I thought people who became extremely rich through their hard work, would have many people in their contacts, that could lend them capital to start their businesses again. So that reality show would not last the first season or the initial brain-storming stage.

So, these self-help gurus always talk about having passion for the work. I see passion
in people in these micro-work sites. The people who are on these sites seem genuinely happy.

I want to know what they do. I want to know what they feel when they apply/bid for jobs.
So I ended up checking many micro-job sites. Some were not so micro (e.g. oDesk, elance)
and some were (e.g. Fiverr). I liked Fiverr after watching videos made by people. I saw people doing some really neat stuff. Some did narrations, voice overs, translations, logo design, website issues resolution. Some people made rap videos & greeting videos. It was nice to see that everyone did whatever they felt they liked and could generate cash from it.
It was admirable. I want to know more. I want to experience this freedom these people have.

I’m also looking into the concept of poverty alleviation using micro-work websites.
So, I think I might join Fiverr just for the experience and learn about the possibility to
improve peoples’ lives.

Oh and by the way, the ‘Impact Challenge awards’ happened in March 2013.
So, if you like, you can come up with a unique idea that impacts the world in a big way till March next year and win something for a project you believe in.
The challenge period was from 25 March 2013 – to 17 April 2013.
(The finalists were selected on 3rd June 2013)
More here: https://globalimpactchallenge.withgoogle.com/

Additional motivation for you:
4 (Four) finalists got £500,000 — and 6 (Six) additional finalists got £100,000.

P.S. You can check out other initiatives by Google here: