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Anime Review: Another (2012)

‘Another’ is a 12 episode anime. It falls under the category of horror / mystery / drama / seinen. It’s about a student who transfers to a new school and then one by one, students start dying in mysterious ways, because of a curse. Some are calling ‘Another’, the anime version of ‘Final Destination’. I have to be clear on this. I am not a big fan of horror movies/anime. And I’m also not a fan of people dying one by one to help pace the story.

– I give ‘Another’ 5 out of 10.

5 for excellent quality, solid foundation/theme.
It loses points for flaws in the script in the ending episodes.

After reading several negative comments on the net about this anime, I gathered some courage to watch it. It was good. The plot was mysterious. The foundation of the anime was pretty solid. It looked promising. Until the ending episodes. More specifically, episodes 10, 11, and 12.

I checked again on other sources like IMDb and yet again that site has positive (and in my opinion misleading) reviews of anime that I am not fond of.

Here’s what was bothersome about the final episodes:

Episode 10:
We find that Misaki has the power to see ‘dead stuff/people’ or the ‘color of death’ with her glass eye. 8 people died but she didn’t even bother to help.  She kept that eye covered with a patch. Why?

She knew the murderer, the ‘extra student’ but she didn’t mention it to anyone. Why?
(At the end of the tenth episode she is about to tell Kuichi but they are interrupted by a crazy knock at the door.)

Episode 11:
After Kazami is killed at the end of episode 10, we see that the three students coming down to check whether Kazami is still alive after being thrown from the second floor. Notice the extra slow walk down the staircase. What was that supposed to be? Was it supposed to add a dramatic effect to the anime? Someone was dying and they acted like
‘Let’s just go extra slow this time. Let’s take our time and let him bleed and die’

Even when Mei Misaki’s life is in danger after the announcement in the house,
she doesn’t inform the people about the murderer. Even when almost all her
classmates want to kill her, she doesn’t speak up. Why?

A student tries to kill Misaki with a — mop — and the teacher, Ms. Mikami, just walks straight into the blow of the student. She doesn’t parry the blow with her hand. Where were her reflexes? Was she trying to block the blow with her head?

Ms. Mikami was hurt/killed trying to protect Misaki. Misaki doesn’t speak up.
She is calm and composed. She just takes Kouichi’s hand and runs away. Why?

When they lock the door to a room, a girl opens the door with a simple kick. It seemed momentary insanity gave super strength.

Everyone is in a frenzy to kill Misaki. They’re smiling and laughing while approaching to kill her. Even people who were timid and didn’t talk much are now out of their shell and freely trying to kill their classmate, all the while saying:
‘Send the dead back to death!’
A worth noting aspect, in this episode and the one that follows, is that most of the people who are trying to kill have gained super skills in stabbing, slicing, dicing and throwing knives (with excellent aim I must add) at people although they have lost their minds.

Here’s something more interesting– when Takako gets stuck with wires around her neck, instead of pulling her head up to get out of the wires, — she pulls down — with her neck. What?! Who came up with that stuff?
And when she is hanged by the wires, Misaki just watches and doesn’t support her legs to save her from getting strangled by the wires. Why?

Episode 12:
Kuichi comes out of the burning house on the advice of the librarian (who also saved his life). But he goes back into the burning house after realizing that Misaki is still inside. The librarian doesn’t stop him. Why?

If a falling chandelier and a pillar weren’t enough to kill the students,  we learn that some higher power also endorses the curse and sends lightening bolts from the sky to kill Izumi Akazawa, the student responsible for counter measures against the curse. Huh?

When everything was normal there were no signals on cellphones, when the student with asthma collapsed. But when the whole house was on fire the signal reception improved for Kuichi to make a call to Misaki. What?

It’s better than some of the other animes I have seen. It’s watchable.

There is news of a spin-off novel ‘Another: Episode S’ releasing in July 2013.
A sequel manga/novel ‘Another 2’ has also been announced.
— I’m afraid I’ll have to skip that.

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