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Stuff that is just not true

An old man drinking coffee while sitting in a wheel chair at a nursing home

Little Victories

Few things connect with us, emotionally, when we’re old. As you grow older, the excitement and the curiosity, which you felt when you were young, is not the same. So why am I feeling more than one emotion at the age of 83? Was it something that I ate today? Salad and pudding, was it? Was it an interaction I had, in the morning, which set the mood for the whole day? I can’t remember. Well, at least my memory is consistent with my age.

Ah! The pain, in my left arm, is getting worse. I didn’t tell the nurse. Should I tell her? I don’t want to look weak in front of other people here, especially, in front of Jafeero-The-Bully. I won’t hear the end of it. He’ll bully me for the rest of my short life here at this retirement home.

Ah, I remember it now. Jafeero made fun of me over a game of chess, in front of Leeka and she smiled. So what if he won. He is 6 years younger than me. Why did Leeka smile? Does she not care about me or respect my feelings for her? I feel angry at Jafeero. I feel betrayed by Leeka. I feel sad at the incident. I feel happy that Leeka smiled, in a long time, but did the smile touch her eyes. I couldn’t see with these prescription glasses. Did she smile because everyone was laughing? Did she hear Jafeero’s joke? She does have a problem with her hearing. Did she look at Jafeero while she smiled? There is no justice in this world. I’m tired, thinking about it. I’ll just sleep.

Reesha: ‘Mr. Koona, you have to take your medicine before you go to sleep.’
Koona: ‘Who are you? Where is the old nurse? Reesha! Reesha!! Someone is trying to poison me!’
Reesha: ‘I am Reesha. I changed my hair-color and shortened my hair.’
Koona: ‘You look horrible. I hate your look. Don’t you know how much I hate change?’
Reesha: ‘Okay. I’ll fix my hair-color. Now take this. Please.’
Koona: ‘It tastes different. It’s too sweet. Why is it so sweet?’
Reesha: ‘It’s a new medicine. It helps with sleep and memory.’

I wanted to say something clever. But I’m too tired now. Why am I feeling more than one emotion at my age?

Reesha: ‘Good morning Mr. Koona.’
Koona: ‘Good morning, beautiful.’
Reesha: ‘Oh, Mr. Koona, you’re a bit chirpy today.’
Koona: ‘I had an amazing dream last night. What’s with all the commotion?’
Reesha: ‘Haven’t you heard? Mr. Jafeero passed away in the night. Here’s your pudding. I’ll come back in 15 minutes with your medicine.’

Jafeero-The-Bully, passed away? Well, he deserved it. That’s what you get when you mess with the Koona! That’s Karma. Who is laughing now? Should I laugh, the last laugh? Ha! Ha! I lived longer than him. Little victories like these make me happy. Oh look, there is no pain in my left arm. Can this day get any better?